Personal Locator Beacons

Consider this scenario. You went on a hike on Pikes Peak in Colorado. You have made sure to let your wife know you intend to be home that evening by 6 pm. Preparing for a one-day hike, thinking you would not need anything but your water, some long pants and a heavier long sleeve shirt and maybe a change of clothes. But, being prepared put extra water and food in your backpack along with your medical supplies, hunting knife, compass, whistle, reflective mirror, fire material, several Mylar blankets and your cell phone. After all, you were only hiking to the summit and then you were going to hike back down to the car and go right home.

You thought the hike up would be the hard part, right. You are climbing up to the Summit, with other hikers on the trail and other than the heat, of which you have prepared for, or Altitude sickness, you should be just fine. The trip down should be fine and then you could brag to all your friends how you had conquered, the mighty Pikes Peak.

Well, just as expected the trip up was difficult, but other than being a little tired and sore, it had been just fine. You can see seven states from the summit, so being in such awe, you spend some time and rest some before the easy climb down. What you did not know was the incline is so steep, and the trail so narrow, you had to constantly fight not to run down the trail. You could easily begin to run and end up running off of the trail.

What happens now turns into a nightmare. You are coming down the trail fast, just at the point of having to slow down or go over the edge, and you do not see the large rock on the trail. You are watching the edge of the mountainside and trip on the rock. The next thing you see is nothing but air. When you open your eyes next, you are wondering if you are in heaven, and then the pain hits. It is dark and you can barely move. You feel with your left arm and realize you are on a ledge, on what must be the side of the mountain. you cannot reach the phone in you right pocket, because that arm is broken. You are thirsty and fall in and out of consciousness.

Fortunately, you were finally found on the second day of your disappearance, before you died of hypothermia, or lack of water, or blood loss. The only broken bones were your arm, and you had a bad concussion. Could you have been found quicker in this situation? Even with just the movement of one arm? What if you had not come to?

The Lord spared him, but another day, he may not have made it. That is why any serious hiker, or serious survivalist, should consider getting their own Survival PLBs, or Personal Locator Beacons. It could be the difference between your life, or death, or that of a loved one.

Folks, emergencysurvivalkititems is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and “as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” I want to tell you that, on the front end, there is no misunderstandings. I may, or may not, it depends on factors we do not have to discuss. Now to the real heart of the matter, your safety, and maybe your life!

How Much Hiking and Where?

How much hiking do you do? Whether you are a local hiker, or someone who likes to explore different states and parks, you should consider a Survival Personal Locator Beacon as part of your gear. If you are a worldwide hiker, you would have a death wish, not to have one. Climbing some mountain ranges and exploring some wild overseas is dangerous. I believe a Personal Locator Beacon would almost be expected as part of your survival gear. If you are asking if that is what they use when they climb mountains, you would be right. They are only used if you need rescuing though. The Coast Guard uses them for their rescue swimmers as well. They can be used on land, water, or even air.

I know survivalist like to go practice their art. I know some that may think that PBRs are considered a cop out. They would rather use some other means to be rescued. After all, we are survivalists. Yet, they do not mind using their phones for GPS, or text messaging with their buddy. I also know of survivalist who travel the world, as well as hikers, and it is not something you would want to forget or leave at home.

They Can Be Easily Found

You can find your very own Survival Personal Locator easy enough. I looked at Amazon and found just about as many as you could want. They ranged from the $30 to $900 range; I believe. The one I personally prefer, is the AVR Bivy Stick for $250. It can fulfill a lot of needs for the money, and you will not have to sell one of your offspring to purchase it. I might add they had a range that would cover water and air as well. Now folks, I am not selling Amazon, it just happened to be where I found plenty to get a price range and variety from. I checked EBay too but was not that impressed. Looking for the one I preferred, I only found one for sale at the $250 mark, and they have some less expensive models. Folks, just be sure to compare apples to apples with Amazon before purchase. If you can get one less expensive, more power to you. Just let your conscience be your guide.

How Much Is Your Life Worth?

Now let us get to the real issue. How much is your life worth? I have seen Hikers that have spent a couple of hundred dollars on a pair of name brand hiking boots. I have seen survivalist spend more than a couple of hundred dollars to own a well-balanced custom hunting knife, or hatchet. They are both right in doing so. that is part of their personal equipment that they use regularly, and it benefits their gear. After all, their feet, both would have good boots, and hunting knife or hatchet, may mean the difference of a good, or very bad experience.

If you, or a survivalist, are preparing your survival kits, they should cover any and all scenarios we can think of. We would be very negligent, not to be prepared for the event we were unconscious, or unable to get the word out, we needed help. These Survival Personal Locator Beacons are several hundred dollars, the same as a pair of good boots!!! Are our lives not worth at least that much? I believe your life is worth much more than that!!


Well folks, I think I have given you something to think about. By the way, the only thing that was made up about that scenario in the opening paragraphs, was the person going over the edge and surviving. In real life he would never have survived. He would not have stopped until he reached the bottom side of the mountain, several thousand feet below him. I hope, I have given you enough reason, to consider preparing with perhaps the simplest, yet most important part, of your survival kit you could invest in. As important as a good pair of boots, or hunting knife or hatchet, and much more important than your cell phone or GPS. With your Survival Personal Locator Beacon, you can have both phone and GPS, plus a two-way radio if you are hiking in pairs. It is all in what you want in your own. Well, I hope I have helped you and given you enough information to at least look into one for yourself.

My, my, I seem to have come to the end of another fine chat with you. My wish is that you have come away from here with enough of a reason, to add a Survival Personal Locator Beacon with your next hike, or survivalist weekend. If someone out there purchases one, and it saves their life, then I would have succeeded in doing what I wanted. It is time to come to a close and as always, I pray God keeps you and blesses you and your family.



  1. Hi Tom,
    I don’t often do hiking or mountain climbing, but, I do travel and sometimes explore the state and national parks. And some are quite remote in some areas. Years ago, I used to hunt the mountains for whitetail deer. And in a few areas where you may not see someone for days. After reading this article, I think I am going to take a look at these so these personal locator beacons. Thanks Tom

    1. Hi, Chas,
      To tell you the truth these PBLs are quite handy for day trekking as well as being kept in the glove department on a trip. Unless you have a vehicle with Onstar, or some other built in car service, that will contact EMS if you go off the road it could send a signal for you. They can be preprogramed to send a message if you do not reach your destination by a certain time. The Bivy that I prefer has a lot of bang for the buck. It has cell and text, plus a lot more and it is priced a lot less than some of the others on the Amazon site I was on. Anyway, just make sure what you think you may need and what you think you are worth and go for it. I would rather have enough, because of the cost, than not enough. I am not getting anything for pitching that model but that is what I use and I believe it cannot be beat for the capabilities verses price.

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