Survival Gunshot Kits

Turn on the news today and you real probably see where someone has been shot and murdered. I am willing to say our senses have been desensitized to that fact. From teenagers, to older adults, if you get mad at someone, you do not meet them after school for a fight, or fist fight anymore.… Continue reading Survival Gunshot Kits

Fixed Blade Survival Knives

When we are in a survival situation what ever knife we have at our disposal, becomes our survival knife. Hopefully, it is not our EDC (every day carry) knife, because they would not normally pass the test, for most of the necessary tasks to survive. I personally carry a buck knife and, a Spyderco knife,… Continue reading Fixed Blade Survival Knives

Personal Locator Beacons

Consider this scenario. You went on a hike on Pikes Peak in Colorado. You have made sure to let your wife know you intend to be home that evening by 6 pm. Preparing for a one-day hike, thinking you would not need anything but your water, some long pants and a heavier long sleeve shirt… Continue reading Personal Locator Beacons

Wilderness Survival Items

Ask ten different survivalist what they think a wilderness survival kit should be comprised of, and you would get ten different answers. There would be some items that would be included on all the lists. But medical kits and tools would vary. Some would think we had to convert to our caveman ways to defeat… Continue reading Wilderness Survival Items

Emergency Survival Car Kit

It is hard to choose the right emergency kit for a car without thinking about where the car is located. Also, whether it is a frequent driver or someone new to driving. Then consider where the car will be traveling too. Your weather would be a consideration too. Also, rather it was winter or summer.… Continue reading Emergency Survival Car Kit

Your Survival 72-Hour Kit

Your First True Emergency Have you ever considered what would happen if you were faced with a true emergency? Would you be ready, no matter what it was? The truth is, a lot of folks do not ever think about making an emergency survival kit list, until they are faced with an emergency, and were… Continue reading Your Survival 72-Hour Kit

About Tom

I would like to welcome you to our site. Feel welcome to look around and explore. In today’s world we need to be ready at a moment’s notice for any emergency. You will find it here. My Story I have lived all over Tennessee most of my life. I have also spent several years in… Continue reading About Tom