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I would like to welcome you to our site. Feel welcome to look around and explore. In today’s world we need to be ready at a moment’s notice for any emergency. You will find it here.

My Story

I have lived all over Tennessee most of my life. I have also spent several years in rural Arkansas. Although I now live in rural Mississippi, my hometown is Memphis Tennessee. The one thing I can tell you, life has changed a lot in my 70 years young.

The weather has changed as you can see by watching the 5:30 NBC news channel on any given day. Tornadoes, floods, or hurricanes are all worse than ever. Then there are fire seasons, which seem to be burning up the whole southwest, to the eastern seaboard. Then we have winter and another whole set of different set of emergency situations occur. The thing is, it happens more often than I remember as a younger man.

Not only that, but mass shootings are happening much more than I like to think about. I carry a medical bag for shooting victims in my vehicle, as well as a carry permit now.  A shooting victim today, is more likely to suffer a wound that we would see in wartime, than in a robbery. This requires a different emergency response than your normal civilian shooting. I also have a survival bag, packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. I carry a trauma bag in my car for a mass shooting event. You may need it for yourself, as much as anyone else. That is why I am talking to you now.

The Reason I Want to Help You

I was raised to help people. I spent some teenage years in an orphanage in Nashville, and I know what it is to be alone or afraid. But I was also mentored and taught to help others. I spent some time in the Army that taught me some responsibility and a strong sense of duty. Later in life, I became a Christian and of course, I learned to love others, just because you are a human being like myself. I am retired now, but I still have a sense of duty to love others, and to help them anyway I can. If I can help someone, be prepared for the next disaster in their life, then I have accomplished my goal.

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I believe you will find everything you need to fulfill your survival needs here, and if you have any questions, or experiences you would like to share, or just a comment, I would love to hear them. Please feel free to leave them and thank you for your time. Thanks for stopping by and God bless you and your family.



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